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ISB Alumni Spotlight

Briefly, describe your personal and professional achievements (including recent awards/ special projects).

  • Won the award for Best Analytics and Insight Leader of the Year in 2017
  • Featured in India's Top 10 Data Scientist 2016
  • Qualified UGC-NET in Management
  • Thirty research publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings
  • Delivers invited talks and speeches at international conferences of IIM-A and abroad.
  • Editor-in-chief of International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence (IJBAI)
  • Jury Member of International Data Science Competitions across Europe & USA
  • Fellow of Royal Statistical Society, London; Senior Member of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society; Distinguished Member of American Statistical Association, Association for Computing Machinery (SIGKDD), Decision Sciences Institute (University of Houston, Texas), Informs, Indian Statistical Institute and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

Tell us about your profile prior to attending ISB and recap your professional life after ISB, including your career progression.

I was into academics for ten years teaching business statistics and analytics prior to joining ISB. I joined analytics industry after that. I started my career in analytics industry as Architect - Decision Science at ValueLabs, Hyderabad and managed projects across Europe and SE Asia where I need to travel to accomplish projects. After working for a couple of years in ValueLabs, I joined Blueocean Market Intelligence, Mumbai. I need to travel frequently to the US at that stage, as my clients were based out of US. Currently, I am working as Associate Director, Nielsen at Bangalore where I manage projects for Advanced Analytics and Consulting.

What was the main highlight or most memorable aspect of your programme at the ISB? How do you think your time at ISB has contributed to your career and personal growth?

ISB helped me in expanding both the breadth and depth of my knowledge. The learned professors addressed the topics both from academic and industry perspective. The projects accomplished during the course helped to provide the much needed real life and hands-on experience of data analysis.

What is the next new thing in the industry or vertical you are working in? Are there any trends that you can identify?

Currently, my research is in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The automation achieved through artificial intelligence is the next big thing across the industry verticals.

If you could offer a word of advice to the current class at ISB, what would it be?

The students in the current era are too keen to learn the languages like R and Python without understanding how the algorithm works. The students should understand how the statistical algorithms work and should not limit their knowledge to the packages available in software/ language.

Published Date: 2017/11/08